Friday, 05 Jul 2013, Photography

We've moved to thesparksstuio.comThank you so much for visiting the blog! We’re excited to announce that we’re now blogging in a new location at: Please update your favorited, bookmarked and saved hyperlinks from The Blog at Jenica to the new location, The Sparks Studio, We’ll see ya there!

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Hey. The Post in which Charlotte is surrounded by balloons
Wednesday, 19 Jun 2013, Hey.,My Girl

heyIMG_0616heyIMG_0602heyIMG_0605heyIMG_0606 heyIMG_0608 heyIMG_0630 heyIMG_0716heyIMG_0714

You have to know that I am dying right now. There are tears. Tears of hilarity. I need some sleep. Real bad.

I love this girl.


For my Man.
Sunday, 16 Jun 2013, The Day to Day


I love this photo, because this is so Jason. (And that little girl was having the time of her zooming around the yard in her daddy’s arms with a pup at their heels) Half of me—alright—75% of me thinks he’s going to hate it because it is so incredibly playful, and Jason likes  to reserve that side for the people who know him best. But I had to share! It’s a peek at my incredible husband through my eyes.

He is such an amazing father and husband. We couldn’t ask for a more loyal and loving man in our lives. We love you, Jason. Happy Father’s Day!



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Party Party Party!
Sunday, 09 Jun 2013, My Girl,The Day to Day


So I’ve got a problem. I might just be so obsessed with instagraming my life that I’ve neglected my blogging duties. And I’ll face the facts, Charlotte’s napping has dwindled to a measly 45 minutes these days. None-the-less here I am spending my precious 45 minutes uploading PARTY PICTURES!!!!! Yessssssss!



^^Here’s the invite I illustrated for our little lady’s big day


^^Unfortunately the day was a tad windy and those streamers decided to do their own thing.



^^Opening presents! When she got to the tissue paper and started pulling things out of the boxes and bags she would do this awesome excited “OOooo!” facebdayIMG_9496


^^ Chillin’ with Uncle B, Bobby and Kelsie made the amazingly scrumptious chocolate covered apples for us. They’re pros. Love those two.



^^ I made the red ombre and chocolate layered cake. I’m still freaking out about how well it turned out! I just used a box cake seperated 1 cup for each layer and varied the amount of red food coloring used for each. I baked each individually in a 5in round tin, frosted it, and topped it with a real apple painted with corn syrup and sprinkled with red crystal sprinkles.



^^ Charly didn’t smash that cake, but I did let her get her smash on with one of the cupcakes to give the aunts a little show.bdayIMG_9947bdayIMG_9921bdayIMG_9930


^^ High Fives all around!!!


^^ We still have a dozen balloons floating around the house from the balloon filled crib photo shoot we did, and I have to say she gets real fierce with them! All in all, I think she had a blast! The bbq was awesome. The treats were awesome. The guests were awesome. What more could we hope for?


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Our Memorial Day Adventure
Tuesday, 28 May 2013, My Girl,The Day to Day

Jason rarely has a Monday morning off, so our first stop was off to grab a grand slam breakfast (which to us, doesn’t have to come from Denny’s. It’s just a meal with all the breakfast works) And we decided on Dixie’s Diner!  It’s a fun 50 style diner we’ve actually taken Charlie to about 3 or 4 times now. It’s her fav. The proof is in the pictures!
Next stop, the poor man’s zoo.
Our favorite exhibit? The Chinchilla.
After leaving Pet Smart a wee bit disappointed there weren’t any dogs, but, I’ll be darned, we found some pups on the side of the road to say hello to.
You’re probably curious whether we have a puppy now. I’ll have you know, we were very tempted! But no puppies came home with us this time. 
We spent the next hour wandering through furniture shops with no luck in finding a new couch. And then on to our final destination of this morning adventure: Our Grandma Gail’s grave. 
Where our little lady happened to terrorize Grandma Gail’s flowers and dance on her grave, typically two terrible grave-side ‘no-no’s, I am sure, but something tells me Grandma Gail wouldn’t have minded at all. This just happened to be one stop we also made last year. 
Happy Memorial Day!

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Dancing girl!
Sunday, 26 May 2013, My Girl

Charlotte that dancing fool.

Hello dear friends and family! I think it is absolutely time for another Charlotte update. Since…..she turned 1!!! It’s true. It’s official. One year, one week, and 2 days ago, ! held a brand spankin’ new baby in my arms. The time has blasted by, just like EVERYONE said it would, and I loved like 98% of all the minutes this first year held. She is the perfect addition to our little family and has absolutely been the biggest blessing and joy we could have ever possibly asked for. We are so proud of and amazed by this sweet little lady.

So what does a 1 year old do? Well this one…sleeps 12 hour nights, takes one daily nap, favors string cheese, gold fish crackers, cheerios and tomatos, keeps her fingers busy by flipping through books (she LOVES her ‘baby bible’ & princess book best so far), takes every opportunity for peek-a-boo…behind her hands, behind her blankets, behind her clothes, behind the furniture, behind the doors…everywhere!

Her favorite pass times include dancing to music, the slide in our backyard, pushing her baby size stroller, and beeping her dolly’s nose. Jason taught her to “tickle, tickle, tickle” and although he encourages her to tickle Mommy, she totally favors tickling her own toes while saying ‘ticka ticka ticka’ sometimes dolly gets her toes tickles too.

She waves her hand facing forward for “Hi!!!” and does a clenched backward wave facing her hand toward herself for “Bye-bye” Not exactly sure why. She’s a fan of the new house and I regularly find her peering out the windows framing the front door just seeing what she can see.

She’s a stair crawler, a toilet flusher, and a drawer and cabinet climber. She is most excited when she hears the front door unlock when Daddy comes home, when someone sneezes (which she totally imitates), when I open the fridge (she’ll race to the shelves and either start climbing or pulling food out), and when she’s in arms reach of the keyboard (that never ends well).

Her favorite places are our backyard, the grocery store, and church. She’s a sassy little social butterfly. She absolutely keeps me on my toes and gives me a reason to enjoy every little thing.

And….She loved her party! Photos to come.

She’s the love of our lives. What more can we say?

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Monday Morning UpdateBGH6T
Monday, 20 May 2013, My Girl,The Day to Day


Charlotte looks at least an inch bigger than she did yesterday. I don’t know if it’s the sweet monkey jammies she’s sporting this morning or what, but this little girl is just a tad less little.

I woke up this morning, as I do most mornings thinking, “Ok. What deadlines do I have today.” To realize the answer was none. Whhhhhaaat? Yes. I have a few side projects that could demand a lot of attention if I let them and my kitchen is in complete disarray, but the hard truth is there are no orders, no clients, no deadlines to be dealt with today. And it feels pretty sweet. It’s just me and my girl having whatever kind of day we want. When I went in to get my sleepy-eyed sweetheart this morning I couldn’t help but think, “This, right here, is the best thing ever.”


My shop is on vacation mode for the moment for a number of reasons including the fact that we still have packed boxes from the move, my inventory and work space is so disorganized even I can’t find anything, we’re planning a party for Charlotte this upcoming weekend, I have a mammoth of a family project in the works, and the afore mentioned kitchen, to name just a few.

With all this going on, it shouldn’t really feel like a vacation, but it kinda does. A little catch-up time for me to get things figured out, make stuff happen. In fac t   hgv b (Charlotte was helping type…) Anyway…where was I? In fact! I am hoping to launch a new blog and portfolio next month. Yeaaah. It’s going to be sweet. I’m planning to use it as a professional business blog of sorts.

Does this mean I will quit blogging here? Nope. Since we’re pretty personal around here anyway. This will be my personal blog.

Have a beautiful Monday.

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Hey. The Post in Which Charlotte is speckled in cake.
Saturday, 18 May 2013, Hey.,My Girl


She is totally 1 today.
Friday, 17 May 2013, My Girl


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A Day late…
Monday, 13 May 2013, My Girl,The Day to Day



I know this is going up just a tad late…but really, isn’t Mother’s Day everyday?

I love you Mom! And my Grandma. You’ve been such an inspiration to me. I’ll treasure the love you’ve shown me my entire life. Charlotte loves her Grandma and Great Grandma too!

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Making a .gif Photo animation in Photoshop

Success! I’ve always wanted to know how to animate images like this, and folks! I’ve done it.

Don’t be surprised if I start over doing it with the animations on the blog from now on. I’m obsessed. Only because it’s awesome. Happy Weekend!

If you have Photoshop and would like to make some of your own animated photos here’s the instructions for the process I used.


1) Open your chosen images in Photoshop.
2) While on the first image go to Window > Animation to bring up the Animation Window.1
3) Click this little icon icon1 in the bottom right corner of the window to convert your image to an animation.2
4) Select the duration you want that first frame to last43
5) Add additional photos by opening the image in photo shop, converting it to an animation (see steps 1-3) and then clicking the top right iconicon2 and scrolling to Copy Frame and then go back to the first image with the timeline and select the same icon and Paste Frame.85
6) Repeat these steps until all you images are included on the timeline.7
7) Save your gif animation by selecting File > Save for Web and Devices and upload it to your site!

$130 worth of awesomeness
Friday, 10 May 2013, Design Work

Alt Summit virtual Blogging conference Attending the Alt Summit is at the very top of my wishlist this week. It’s a conference for design bloggers or blogger wannabes —Ehhem (me). They take place in big cities around the nation, unfortunately Idaho Falls, Idaho, isn’t making the cut. But happy day! Alt announced a new online conference, Alt for Everyone, taking place next week and I’m fixin’ to be there one way or another.

I’m crossing my fingers to win a spot through Liz Stanley’s (Blogger at Say Yes to Hoboken, and teacher of two conference classes) give away. Since, let’s face it, $130 is a lot of money. But I’ve heard so many great things about it. In fact, one of my favorite bloggers, Joy Cho of Oh Joy is keynoting. Man! Attending would be awesome!

I’ll know soon enough! Wish me luck in the give away!


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The 9th of May, oh what a great day!
Thursday, 09 May 2013, My Girl,The Day to Day

Kisses to daddy from Charlotte - Happy Birthday

5 Reasons why Jason totally rocks:

1. He never gets tired of Charlotte kisses. Obviously. It is really sweet to watch him be a dad. He is obsessed with that girl. They’re best buds.
2. He really likes me. Weird. And I can tell he thinks I am almost as funny as I think I am, which makes me feel real great.
3. You know all those tricky questions that wives ask their husbands? (ex. “Is my hair particularly whickity-wack today?” or the classic “Does this dress make my booty look big?” He totally gets them right like 50% of the time.
4. In the past year, he became a father, got a new job, bought a 2nd house, started his MBA, and encouraged his wife to keep following her dreams everyday. He is very smart, incredibly handsome, terribly genuine, and remarkably loyal. Sexy, compassionate, forgiving, kind, talented, thoughtful…Seriously. Score. I have the best husband ever.
5. And finally, we have fun together, and we’re in love — all three of us.

Happy Birthday, My Love!

Illustrated and hand lettered Save the Date’s
Wednesday, 08 May 2013, Design Work,Illustrations


Here’s a look at a Save the Date design I created for my friend, Malia (blogger at Where She Stay and Something Navy Weddings). She and her husband have a unique situation because they tied the knot before Andrew was transfered and deployed, but it didn’t work out to have a wedding celebration until later this year.

To represent them, I drew her in her court house marriage dress and him in the white chokers Navy uniform. It was really fun to combine my calligraphy and illustrations in this project.



For every illustration I do, I first sketch the layout, wording and characters, how I envision the project should be. This gets sent over to my client and approved by them. From there, I go over everything in ink. I outline the character drawing pretty strictly, because I want to keep the details I drew as the client saw them, but with the hand lettering, I’m more flexible to make it look very natural.


For this particular project I colored in the characters before completing the lettering because we were still waiting on location confirmation.


The really nice thing about my design process is that there are various stages that allow for edits. Even after the drawing is complete, I have the skills and tools to digitally add fixes.


When I draw an illustration to be used for an invitation or anything that will be reproduced and distributed, I draw the illustration about two times as large as the copy will be. So although this invitation was 3.5×6 inches, the original drawing was closer to 9×11 inches. Once the drawing is complete, I scan it to a digital format where I crop the image and prep it for printing. Clients can either purchase this digital file and have a local printer print the duplicates for them, or they can have me do it. I love how this print came out. I was so please with the details, it honestly looked like a second drawing instead of a digital print.


Thanks, Malia and Andrew for letting me play a small part in your special celebration.

Fancifying our rag-tag-run-of-the-mill bookshelf
Wednesday, 08 May 2013, Photography

We went to Target over the weekend, and I had my heart set on buying bookshelves. We got there and they only had this option. Boo. I wanted some of the square sectioned variety like those ones at Ikea, you totally know what I’m talking about. However, we don’t have an Ikea here, and well, I had high hopes for Target. I ended up buying one of those really quite sad little shelves but thought, what the hey, they’ll do the trick.

As evidenced above, Charlotte helped me put the frame together and then we decided we’d better add a little extra flare to this thang. And so, we used fabric to put in a fancy background for our shelves.


1. Re Style shelves from Target. Walmart and Kmart have a similar bookshelf option too. You just need any build-um-yourself shelves where you attach the back yourself.
2. Follow the instructions to build the frame.
3. Before attaching the back, lay your fabric (front side facing down) over the frame (backside facing up) and staple gun the fabric along the back edge pulling it taut as you go.
4. Add the back over the fabric
5. Nail the back to the back edge or attach as instructed.
6. trim the excess fabric so it’s not visible behind the backing.


From there just add the shelves.

Tada! A lovely little pop of fabric to make those shelves real snazzy.


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You’ve just got to see this
Tuesday, 07 May 2013, Photography

At first I most definitely thought…you’re kidding? But now, I’m thinking these little smart phone lenses are crazy awesome! Tempting. Very Tempting.

In case you’re interested: Photojojo Phone Lens Series at the Photojojo Store!

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Monday, 06 May 2013, Illustrations


Last week I participated in a selfless portrait swap. If you visit you can sign up to have your portrait drawn in return for drawing someone else’s portrait. It’s all randomly assigned, and once you’re given a photo to draw, you can use any medium you wish. There are a lot of sweet and creative portraits.


I just had to sign in through facebook and select one of my profile photos to be assigned someone to draw. The only information your given in the name of the person, their photo, and the country they live.

spIMG_1984 spIMG_2128 spIMG_2134

You then have 48 hours to complete the portrait, photograph it or scan it in, and submit it. And guess what folks! Mine made it to the top of the selfless portraits gallery.

spIMG_2137Now you’re probably wanting to see what the portrait of me ended up looking like. Well, sadly, the person assigned my picture decided to doop me and upload a random photo. Sigh. What can ya do? Of course that is against the rules, but I have to participate again to have another chance to get a portrait…for now, I’m happy with the chance to have made one for someone else!



Fav illustration Friday : Be the Leaf
Friday, 03 May 2013, Illustrations

an awesome illustration by pikarar on tumbler


Charlotte & I are loving this sweet illustration by Pikarar today, and I finally figured out how to share animated images. Double score. Happy Friday!

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The Chair Makeover
Friday, 03 May 2013, DIY

When Grandma & Grandpa came for a visit, they happend to bring this excellent glider. And since I can’t leave well enough alone. It totally got a makeover.

chairIMG_2180 Would you like to know how I did it? Quite easy really. Was it? Yes. Relatively, easy. I’ve come to realize with a little curious babe around, even the simplest projects get really hard, really fast. Which brings me to STEP 1: Remove the cushions and have your daughter demonstrate a belly flopping cushion throw down.chairIMG_2191 I couldn’t have asked for simpler cushions because the pattern only used a front and back for each cushion cover and there was one zipper on each. Giving me only 4 easy pattern pieces to work with and the zipper, though tricky to sew, takes the trouble out of cleaning. So I removed the cushion covers, and using a seam ripper, removed the zippers.  chairIMG_2201Once the zippers were removed, I used the cushion cases as my pattern. I folded my new fabric to double the layers (a top and bottom for each cushion), pinned, and cut the peices. chariIMG_2203chariIMG_2205From there, I sewed all the edges except the zipper side where I sewed the old zipper onto the new fabric.chariIMG_2207Turn the sewn covers inside out, stuff the foam, zip, and voila! The bottom cushion was particularly painless. The back cushion however, needed two neat little loops which I pinned between my layers of material on either corner, with the loop facing inward. chariIMG_2219 And covered buttons, which I actually really enjoy making. I didn’t bother trying to reuse the old ones, although I’m sure it would have been possible. It was much easier in this case to buy a few new ones. chairIMG_2215I’m calling it a success!! All in all, I am very pleased, and so was Charlotte. I’m not certain my choice to go with a bright white microfiber was the best…but only time will tell. For now, I love it!chariIMG_2240

PS. I took all these photos with my iPhone. Not too shabby, eh?


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Guess who.
Thursday, 02 May 2013, Illustrations


I’ve been posting illustrations of famous people on Facebook as a little game of sorts for my followers. They have to guess the characters in the illustration, share the illustration photo on their timeline, and then the person whose guess gets the most likes wins a copy of the illustration. Basically everyone gives the same guess, it really just comes down to whoever gets the most likes. And really, the characters in the illustration should be obvious if you know who they are…I’m hoping.

My underlying objective is to showcase how I make the illustrations really look like the people they’re characterizing.


In case you want to participate, the Duck Dynasty illustration contest is underway. Visit my Facebook page at


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Giggle, giggle, kiss.
Wednesday, 01 May 2013, My Girl,The Day to Day

Happy May!

3 Days that prove May totally rocks:

May 9: Jason’s 30th Birthday. Whoa.
May 12: The day Jason and I met 5 years ago AND! Mother’s Day! Celebrating for the 1st time officially as a mom this year.
May 17: Baby girl turns 1. Whaat!? Oh yes.

This month is going to be epic.


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Pretty Penny’s
Monday, 29 Apr 2013, The Day to Day



I’ve mentioned Laura’s bow making business, Pretty Penelope’s, before, but I had to let you know that Charlotte and I got a pretty sweet dose of modeling a few weeks back. Charlotte’s favorite part was catching up with her gals. Babies, babies, babies.

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Sunday, 28 Apr 2013, My Girl,The Day to Day,The Weekly



I’m just sharing a few little thoughts from the heart this Sunday evening. There’s something I haven’t stopped thinking about. And I feel like it’s very worthy of sharing.

First off, anyone other than my close friends and family who might stumble upon this blog probably doesn’t know, but could certainly guess without too much trouble, that I am a Mormon. I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

I am also most obviously a mother.

A few weeks ago, I attended the sealing ceremony of my brother and sister-in-law’s wedding at the Salt Lake Temple. I’ve heard borderline horror stories of sealers spending a good 10 minutes of the ceremony encouraging the couple to have a million children, but never had the pleasure of witnessing one with such emphasis on that topic. This sealing was the closest I’ve had so far. And you know what?

I loved it.

The sealer, Paul Pieper, briefly spoke about the new commandment the bride and groom were receiving that morning when they became man and wife. It was to multiply and replenish the earth. I have always know that my Heavenly Father encourages righteous couples joined in marriage to have babies. It’s a big deal. Something I have previously thought and partially do continue to think is an over emphasized principle in the Mormon community, particularly among young couples. But I understand why.

Raising a child is so incredibly difficult. Those of you who do not realize this, I don’t blame you in the least.

There are so many mothers who make it seem very VERY easy. I assure you, my attempts in keeping my sanity and constantly caring for a little baby girl’s needs has been nothing short of overwhelming. But I equally admit, there are moments that even I can make it look oh so easy.

Despite the difficulty parenting entails,  I appreciated the insight I received in the temple that day when Brother Pieper continued by saying that in having children we experience incredible joy.

The Book of Mormon, a companion record to The Bible that testifies of Jesus Christ and a history of his gospel in the Americas, has a verse in 2 Nephi 2:27 that reads, “Adam fell that man might be; and men are, that they might have joy.”

I never thought much on this verse. It’s one I memorized in seminary and often heard repeated in Sunday School. But it wasn’t until today that I’ve been able to recognize how much I love that statement.

I believe, as the many LDS church members do, that we were with our Father in Heaven before birth. He created a plan for us to be sent to Earth to prove our worthiness and commitment to him through making right choices, repenting of wrong choices and resolving to progress to perfection. We’re enabled to complete this task through the gift of agency (allowing us to analyze our options, make our choices and react to the consequences) and through the gift of the Atonement performed by The Savior, Jesus Christ, the Son of God and elder brother to mankind.

A key to making this whole plan work was the choice Adam and Eve made to fall from God’s presence into mortal existence allowing them the capability to experience tradgity, trials, temptation, and other ailing events we encounter in life. But with that capability came the chance to experience so many of the events that bring us joy. One of which being the ability to multiply and replenish the Earth. Allowing every person who has ever lived and ever will an entrance into this world.

Life is an incredible gift. And that promise of being able to experience joy in our current existence is equally incredible. I am so grateful that God did not intend our journey here to be one sided: purely difficult, constantly painful and entirely taxing. Can you imagine an existence with no breaks, only one long term goal to encourage us to keep moving, that ultimate goal to worthily return to the presence of God?

Instead we have so much to look forward to. There are so many perks to making good choices and so many places we can find joy. I dare say, the best place to find it is in your family.


I assure you, for every moment I have thrown my hands in the air out of pure exhaustion and disappointment in my capability to control anything in my new life that has been completely altered by the arrival of my precious little baby that there is an even greater moment of complete joy, adoration, and unparalleled love for that little girl.

She has brought me so much joy.

So basically, tonight, my message is this: Heavenly Father, I am grateful. I am so grateful for the difficult task of raising my daughter, because she is 100% worth it.

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Hey. The post in which Charlotte hunts the egg.
Friday, 26 Apr 2013, Hey.




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Behind the Scenes: Making Letterpress Vow Booklets

pressIMG_1782Sadly, I don’t have enough time to adequately describe all the steps, but I thought a little photo essay of the process would be insightful enough. To be very basic about the process, I first select all the letter type necessary for my project. pressIMG_1771pressIMG_1785pressIMG_1769 These letters are then spaced in this cast iron frame called a chase using metal spacers, wooden furniture (the black blocks) and a metal quoin that tightens the furniture and locks the type. pressIMG_1773

I carry the chase from my typesetting area to the press. The whole chase locks into the press and I’m ready to print.pressIMG_1792pressIMG_1801pressIMG_1802pressIMG_1803pressIMG_1821pressIMG_1822 After all the finishing touches, I pack them up and send them off with the post man.

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11 months of snuggles
Wednesday, 24 Apr 2013, My Girl


{ Me and my 11 month old Charlotte in our blue tie dye jammies….Nerd alert. }

I was going through my iPhone photos and thought it was really about time I shared a bunch of these. According to my iPhone camera roll, we spend about 50% of our day sleeping and snuggling (I wish!). In reality, I check my phone when we snuggle, before and after naps, and when we wake up in the morning. Perfect photo moments, of course, always happen right at those times.

Ok. So what does this little 11 month old missy do? Um…just about everything. Most notably: She totally says “Hi”, waves, dances like a maniac when she hears music, climbs off the bed by turning around backward, sneaking one leg off the edge and following with the other, she has 6 teeth, she loves doing the laundry, and gets really excited when Daddy comes home.

Oh yes, and she walks. Selectively. When the moment strikes, and the balance is right.

My parents, three sisters, and my oldest brother and his family came to visit this past weekend, and Charlotte fell in love with being one of a handful of kids instead of being just the lone kid. She gets along surprisingly well with her older cousins, and LOVED sneaking peeks at and trying to touch baby Evan.



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Crazy Cakes by Kylie Logo Design Contest Submission
Tuesday, 23 Apr 2013, Design Work,Illustrations

crazyIMG_1580A few weeks ago, a local cake baker, Kylie Walker, opened a logo design contest for Crazy Cakes by Kylie on Facebook for a free $50 value custom cake to the winning designer. Knowing I have a little lady turning 1 next month, I thought what better way to score a birthday cake! Here are the 3 designs I submitted:crazyIMG_1582The 3rd design (with the icing bag) was one of two finalists! Here’s a look at the other designer’s submission:

crazyScreen-shot-2013-04-23-at-11.40.03-AM crazyScreen-shot-2013-04-23-at-11.40.26-AM My design got 36 likes. It was really exciting to get to share my logo design with Kylie’s Facebook fans. In the end, Kylie selected the other design. She decided it fit the personality of her shop better. But at least she had a little bit of a struggle deciding!


Charlotte has something to show you.
Tuesday, 16 Apr 2013, My Girl,The Day to Day

The day Charlotte took her first step, I could have sworn I saw her do it just out of the corner of my eye early that morning, so I was particularly attentive to her every movement throughout the day. And by that afternoon I caught her sneaking another step! And then! To make it completely official, that evening when Jason got home, I told him I saw her take a little baby step. He immediately picked her up, balanced her on her feet infront of him, backed off a foot or so and encouraged her to take a step. SHE DID! She just upity a took a legitimate step like she was waiting all day for Daddy to come home and witness this awesomeness.

This was about a month ago? Since then she’s done a step here, a step there. But it wasn’t until today that we caught a series of steps on camera! What a way to send 10 months out with a bang! Tomorrow Charlotte will be 11 months. Hooray for her!

PS…I love how at the end of the video she looks a little overwhelmed with all that work she just did, and then it’s seriously like she’s about to Zombie walk over and eat my brains. Yikes. I assure you, she didn’t. That cutie.

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Hooray for more Sister-in-Laws!
Monday, 15 Apr 2013, The Day to Day,Weddings & Events

 wedding463Wedding015 Guess what! There was a little party last weekend! And Charlotte got a new Aunt. If you follow the blog pretty regularly, you knew this was coming. We’re just happy to announce it totally happened! Congratulations Lindsey and Derek! Here’s a little look at the day. wedding035wedding152wedding187wedding197weddinge467wedding234wedding258wedding218 I wasn’t the couple’s wedding photographer, but I did creep on them the entire day. Snapping candids here and there. I can’t help myself! And it was really fun. I loved the no pressure of just taking photos for the sake of taking photos, knowing they had an exceptional photographer who was on top of  getting the checklist of amazing shots and I could just snap at my leisure when those special little moments struck. The whole day reminded me how much I really do love photographing weddings. I’ve been pretty off the photography radar since Charlotte was born, and took the entire year to just settle into this new life without trying to get new clients and offer sessions. It would be nice to ease back into the whole photography thing. We shall see. For now, here’s a small collection of the photos I took on Saturday. wedding311wedding742

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There’s something Cooking in the Kitchen!
Sunday, 14 Apr 2013, Betty Crocker in the Making

pretzels005 Ok. There has been A LOT going on. And I have A LOT of pictures from the past little while. And there is a pretty good chance none of this is going to be in order…. so where better to start than last Sunday! We had K, B, & T over at our house for a little feast! Actually it was a giant feast, and we made a ton of food. Most of wich was totally Jason. I know. He is so incredible. How did I even get so lucky?  Breakfast cobbler muffins, a pasta concoction, turkey and mash potatoes, and…….drum rolllll……pretzels!pretzels032 pretzels040 pretzels059 pretzels068 …And then Charlotte licked them all. pretzels084

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